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Engage your team, event, or youth with both knowledge and humor by a gifted speaker who has been there.


In her conversational and humorous style, Stephanie will inspire and empower.

Stephanie is dedicated to supporting workplaces in creating a positive and thriving environment for all.

Meet Stephanie

Stephanie Olson is a speaker, an author, a podcaster, and the CEO of The Set Me Free Project ®.

Stephanie obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a minor in English from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She also earned a Master of Arts in Strategic Communication from Liberty University. In addition, she possesses an Honorary Doctorate in Philosophy from TIAU Business School.

Stephanie helps leaders build resilience. Her work on teaching resilience in leadership has inspired people across the United States with topics such as, leadership, trauma, a toxic workplace, mental health, and resilience. As a woman of color and a survivor of domestic and sexual violence, Stephanie brings lived experience, research, and humor to impact lives. She is a sought-after speaker on women, youth, human trafficking, and social media safety while leading The Set Me Free Project ® to help prevent youth and young adults from personally experiencing trafficking.


How can
Stephanie help?

As someone who understands the challenges of being a workplace leader, Stephanie knows firsthand the added pressure of dealing with conflict, difficult conversations, and the trauma that others may bring with them. However, she also believes that it's possible for a workplace to function in a healthy, productive way in spite of these challenges. That's why she is here to offer her help and expertise.

Stephanie's programs work well as 45-60 minute keynotes and can be added with any other topics for a 1.5 day training. 

Stephanie's programs are perfect for:

  • Administrative, Managerial, or Top Level of Management 

  • Executive or Middle Level of Management

  • Supervisory, Operative, or Lower Level of Management 

Building Blocks for Kids

Hands down Stephanie was one of the best speakers we have had hired. She connected very well with our team, and everyone was engaged. She exceeded our expectations! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to strengthen their team of employees.

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