Stephanie Olson is a speaker, an author, worship leader, and the Chief Executive Officer of The Set Me Free Project, a prevention education organization on sex trafficking, social media safety, and healthy relationships.

Stephanie has a mission to share about God's abounding grace and great love for all of us. In her conversational and humorous style, Stephanie will inspire and empower.


Living with years of parent abandonment, eating disorders, alcoholism, and domestic and sexual violence, she finally found restoration through Jesus Christ.
Now, a sought after speaker, Stephanie runs a successful nonprofit organization and loves to speak to audiences of all kinds inspiring, encouraging, and bringing hope everywhere she speaks.


Stephanie Olson is available for your women's event! Bringing humor, fun, and life changing messages, Stephanie will add what you need for your women's conference. Whether you have a Christian audience or not, Stephanie will help make your women's event a success!


Stephanie Olson is the CEO of  
The Set Me Free Project, an organization that provides prevention education to youth and families on sex trafficking, social media, and healthy relationships. Stephanie speaks to the reality of sex trafficking and how it can affect each and every one of us.

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As a Survivor of domestic and sexual violence, Stephanie Olson shares how you can live a life of victory after surviving trauma. And how do you help someone going through that trauma? Stephanie opens up about her experience and shares what you can do to heal and help others.


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